300mg CBD Oil


Produced using a slow extraction methodology to preserve the array of cannabinoids and terpenes that nature created

We translate the natural properties of the plant into each bottle of our full-spectrum CBD oil. The balance achieved perfectly compliments your whole health routine. Our 300 mg CBD Oil works perfectly for those that seek the highest quality product with complete wellness in mind.




Full-spectrum hemp extracted CBD oil, organic MCT oil. We third-party test all our products. For details locate the Lot Number on your bottle below the barcode. You can then use the pull down menu on this page to locate your bottle’s test results.



How to take: For best results, we suggest holding the oil under your tongue for at least ten seconds, then swallow. You can also ingest the oil by mixing it with a beverage of your choice. How much to take: CBD oil works differently for everyone. When deciding how much to take, we recommend starting low and slow with half a dropper (.5 ML) once a day. If needed, increase to 1 ML 3 times a day. When to take: Depending upon what you would like to achieve will help with when you should take your oil. You can take it before bed to help with sleep or at the start of the day to address daytime issues. Just remember that consistency in your daily routine will help