We are a small farm located in Sullivan County, New York. Nestled between the Catskills and the Upper Delaware, we pride ourselves on the individual attention that we give to each step of the growing process. We use only organic materials along with ecological cultivation strategies that contribute to the health of people and the planet.

We proudly joined the New York State Industrial Research Hemp Pilot Program as a woman-owned business called HR Botanicals focused on growing hemp. We hand cultivate our hemp crop—from seed through processing—to produce and preserve valuable and essential cannabinoids and terpenes.

Each season we gain inspiration from the rich, bioactive soil in our fields. We consider all source materials throughout the lifecycle of our plants—from the natural aquifer that supplies our fields with water to the cover crop that replenishes the soil. We deeply care about how our actions impact the environment and we seek to use only organic approaches.

We translate our relationship with the land directly into our products. We also support other New York growers we trust and who share the same values for the earth and environment. Under our Source Botanica brand, we carry a range of products grown in our fields, as well as from growers that value organic approaches.



Kristen Hallett

Kristen grew up in Alaska where her father worked as a rescue pilot in the US Air Force. Her father often took Kristen and her siblings into the wilderness where they survived through foraging, fishing and hunting. The relationship that Kristen developed with plants started in those early years discovering the natural medicinal properties of wild plants in Alaska. Her interest only deepened when they moved onto a family farm in New Hampshire where Kristen helped raise the food that her family ate. Kristen brings that enjoyment and passion into all her endeavors as a grower and business owner. As her father aged, he discovered the power of using medicinal cannabis to treat war related injuries. Kristen takes great pleasure in spending time with the plants and raising them from seedlings, knowing the many ways people will benefit from her work. She always reminds the HR Botanicals Team to “listen and observe the plants” that we grow. The vision that Kristen cultivated over many years of growing and connecting with plants provides the foundation for all that we do.


Andrew M. Rosner

Andrew grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. From a young age, Andrew knew he wanted to pursue a profession in public health. His early work focused primarily on healthcare delivery to ‘hard-to-reach’ populations. More recently, Andrew worked with researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Yale University in examining plant-based systems to address indoor air pollution. He worked directly at the intersection between plants and human health. Andrew gained firsthand knowledge in studying the potential power of plants in our everyday lives. He also brings a deep knowledge, as an attorney, of the importance of how policy and law shape access to resources. He dedicates a portion of his time to help legalize and improve access to hemp based products. HR Botanicals encourages and supports all these efforts.

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